Vintage Christmas Gift Idea under $1000: Bulova Spaceview Accutron never be a mistake!

Thinking something special to give to father, husband, colleague, or even bosses christmas this year? If that lucky person is someone sophisticated, interest with outer space, technology (or at least keen to read inspiring story of Elon Musk Tesla and SpaceX), OR really appreciate history... let me tell you a Bulova Space Accutron is a perfect choice.

As you may aware, Bulova has a long story to begin with. The company started itself in 1875 thru a hand named Joseph Bulova, a 23-year-old immigrant from Bohemia, opened a small jewelery shop on Maiden Lane in New York City. Around 1911-1912, the man started to produce clock watches and pocket watches until made an attempt to build factory in Bienne, Swiss. Time passed away, in 1952 Bulova started the growing Accutron project, the first breakthrough in timekeeping technology in more than 300 years. Accutron, the first fully electronic watch, will keep its time to within 2 seconds per day. Then in 1960, NASA requested the company watch to its space program. Following another success, they convinced the US government to be the only watch to be used in Air Force One. 

The real deal then happened in 1969, when Bulova be trusted as a time keeper during moon landing by NASA in Apollo 11 program. And it soaring the big name of the company and the watch (under popular variant named Bulova Spaceview Accutron) which actually had been launched since 1964. Yes, The Bulova Accutron is a watch released in 1961. What is unique about this watch is that its movement uses a tuning fork, a technology that used to get excited because of its accuracy compared to mechanical movements (before there was quartz technology). NASA had used this technology for some of its tools during a mission to space. This clock is also used by NASA test pilots.

If you read the history, the initial idea of transparent with open dial Bulova Spaceview Accutron was to showcase the watch in the window to attract attention to passing onlookers however the watch was so popular that the merchants were selling the display models to avoid losing valuable business. The window model was so much in demand that Bulova quickly decided to produce it for retail. Their advertising campaign at the time praised its "99.9977% precision" along with the slogan "The watch that hums". 

During the era, Bulova Spaceview Accutron with transparent open dial were sold in many variants and shape. Like in 1967 it released M5 Spaceview Calibre 214 with stainless steel, 2 year later released 1969 M9 although with still same variant. The shape not always round, unique case like alien-head was released in 1964 called the M4 version still with Cal 214. Or take a look on N3 rectangular shape that also eye catchy. In 2010 Bulova produced a 1,000 limited and numbered range of spaced view it was the exact replica of the 1960 model even though they each had retailed at $5,000 each they were all sold before even going into production.

But the good news is, you still can find a lot of Bulova Spaceview Accutron in Ebay with good condition. Price is ranging from 500 to 1,000$ (although sometimes more, but for you to judge the condition). Again, don't wait up for any longer - this christmas for your special man get one and you can tell a beautiful American story behind it.

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