Original Self Wind 1958 Vintage Timex Watch: This makes Marlin looks Ordinary

Original Self Wind 1958 Vintage Timex Watch IS an obvious choice whenever old TIMEX pop up in your mind as a next collection. Timex itself is a humble brand, smooth whisperer, that makes you looks cool and good in a very subtle way. Although price range is low, but its simplicity actually the one that makes TIMEX rich.
That's why the brand become one of favourite collectable items, moreover Marlin type. When you saw it on Ebay US$100-200, almost certain somebody will grab it like thunder. However, do you know actually 1958 sincere Self Wind Timex can look thousand times better vs Marlin? 

Yes kindly meet Original Self Wind 1958 Vintage Timex Watch. This watch was meticulously disassembled and examined under magnification. Vintage Timex Service manuals are used as guides. Durring the disassembly process the case is cleaned via an ultrasonic cleaner. All internal parts were cleaned twice and and afterwards all pivot and friction points were oiled using Moebius swiss watch oil. All gaskets were changed and a light coating of silicon grease was sparingly applied. 

The crystal is hand polished as needed and brought to the glossy mint finish. If the dial has any debris it is cleaned using the least invasive means possible, usually air blown. The watch was then regulated as to enable this watch to keep the most accurate time possible. The watch has been fitted on a high quality lizard strap with stainless steel hardware. All components excluding the strap and and springbars are original to this piece. With this watch you will be receiving not only a highly saught after and collectable vintage watch. You will be receiving a watch that is fully restored inside and out and is ready to wear and enjoy for generations to come. 

A verdict to this variant with comparable condition: US$350-400 is big YES. 

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