Best Entry to Luxurious Vintage Watch: 1970 BREITLING TOP TIME GENT'S

So please meet 1970 BREITLING TOP TIME GENT'S, PANDA DIAL, 36.5MM CASE, MODEL 2009. A very nice good condition Breitling watch with its authenticity, vintage, but with a spirit & reluctance for getting old. This kind is a big yes if you are in doubt which one to start. 1970 Breitling is a good consideration.

Breitling have a long and illustrious history of watch making.  Leon Breitling first opened a workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1884 specialising in pocket watches and chronographs.  By 1914 they were making wristwatches for the military, by 1936 chronometer instruments for aircraft cockpits.  This close association with the aviation industry was long lived, perhaps a highlight being the launch of the infamous Breitling Navitimer in 1952. 

The Navitimer was a watch designed for pilots; many display the winged AOPA logo (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association).  I believe Breitling were the sole sponsors at this stage.  The Navitimer was a 3-register chronograph; as oppose to this 2-register Top Time chronograph.

This particular watch is a stunning gentleman's Breitling Top Time from 1970 with an original silver dial with two contrasting black registers, it's the desirable 'panda' dial. 

Such watches hugely increased in popularity since Sean Connery wore a Breitling Top Time in the James Bond film “Thunderball” in 1965. 

The dial is in original and good order, some light spotting as the photography shows.  The hands are all gold with silver registers, and a gold centre sweep.  The dial clearly reads 'Breitling Geneve Top Time' in black print with the Breitling logo above.

The large, 36.5mm case is in relatively good condition and has been finished in gold plate.  Please note some slight wear to the case back and it carries an engraving.  It is signed 'Breitling' on the rear with a reference of 2009 (model number) and serial number of 1138782 dating the watch to 1970.  Its inner is again signed 'Breitling Watch Ltd Swiss.' and pleasingly, the watch has its winding crown and both the upper and lower pushers that are commonly missing.

On opening the case back one can see the stunning chronograph movement.  It is a Valjoux 7730 movement and is fully signed 'Breitling Watch Ltd'. It runs well and keeps good time with both register dials working perfectly and the sweep hand resetting to zero as is commonly not the case. 

In summary a superb and collectable Breitling chronograph. If prices on such vintage Top Times follow the astronomical increases in value of the Navitimers and Chronomats of the era they will prove a superb investment.  This is the era to search out, just after the Thunderball fame. 

The watch comes on a padded brown leather strap with some wear and a gold coloured buckle to match the case and compliment this stunning watch. If you find watch like this with similar condition, a price ranging US$1500-2000 is reasonable.

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